ABSA Home Loan Calculator

ABSA Home Loan Calculator

absa home loan calculatorABSA Home Loan Calculators are some very useful tool, if you want to avail a home loan from the South African Banking major ABSA Group. It is one of the largest consumer banks in South Africa and offers a comprehensive range of banking solutions including wealth management, investment management, retail and commercial banking, finance and insurance.

For the home loan and mortgage seeker, ABSA presents a lot of calculating tools on its website, which allow them to know the details of the loan offerings in a clear and lucid manner. It is always advisable to make a good use of these calculators before approaching them for the final quote.

Some of the popular ABSA Home Loan Calculators are as given below.

  1. ABSA Loan Affordability Calculator: This calculator allows you to calculate of you will be able to afford your loan payments or not.
  2. House Insurance Replacement Calculator: This calculator is developed for you with a quick estimate of the building replacement costs for your home and is intended as a guide only.
  3. Increase your home loan repayment calculator: You can use this ABSA Calculator to find how much time you can decrease from your loan period, in case you have some surplus money, which you can pay additionally with the monthly payment.
  4. Making a lump sum deposit calculator: With this calculator, you can find the effect of making a lump sum payment to service a home loan.
  5. Monthly home loan repayment calculator: Thinking of applying for a home loan and want to know what your basic monthly instalment will be? This calculator helps you lets you figure out just that by capturing the interest rate, home loan amount and the term.
  6. New home loan costs and transfer fees calculator: This useful ABSA home loan calculator will find out how much it will cost in registration charges, transfer costs and attorney fees. It will enable you to calculate the extensive details and breakdowns of the actual costs involved in taking out a new home loan.
  7. Outstanding home loan balance calculator:This ABSA calculator will show you how much you have paid off from the capital amount, how much interest you have paid, and how much you still owe.
  8. Transfer my home loan calculator:  This loan calculator from ABSA will give you an extensive breakdown of the costs and fees involved.

One remarkable thing to notice is that all these ABSA home loan calculators are very easy to use and understand. They give a detailed analysis of the nuances of teh ABSA home loan offerings and prepare you mentally before you actually apply the home loan.

But you should keep in mind that there are always scope for negotiations and discussions before finalization of your loan conditions. Please understand that such online calculators are always based on lots of approximations and assumptions. They can only provide you a basic idea about the loan offering. It is always advisable to discuss the nuances with ABSA directly.

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Lots of approximations and assumptions have been made while developing the calculators.

Please make your own calculations before making any financial decision.