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Mortgage Home Loan Affordability Calculator

This Mortgage Affordaibility Calculator will calculate the amount for which you are qualified for the loan. It will depend upon your current incomes, expenses and two ratios named as Housing cost ratio and Debt service ratio
Mortgage Refinance Comparison Calculator

Mortgage Refinance Comparison Calculator

Mortgage Refinance are attractive only if the fixed costs are offset quickly by the monthly savings in the refinance options.

Compare upto 3 options and know your break even points.
Bi-Weekly Payment Loan Calculator

Bi-Weekly Payment Loan Calculator

Bi-weekly payment loans are simple concepts, but often mis-represented and mis-understood. Borrowers often lend up paying unnecessary fees and charges to intermediaries.

Understand the concept well to save lots of money here.
Interest Only Loan Calculator

Interest Only Loan Calculator

Interest Only loans are great financial planning tools. Use them when you have variable income streams.

This interactive calculator will help you choose best deals.

Home Equity Calculator

Home Equity is the difference between the home’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of allliens on the property. It is used by lenders to understand your qualification for borrowing.
Housing Debt Ratio Calculator

Housing Debt Ratio Calculator

Lender use Housing Loan Ratio as a parameter to ascertain the amount for which you qualify as a borrower.

Coupled with Income to Debt Ratio, it gives important insight to your financial leverages.

Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

An important parameter used by lenders to judge your ability to serve the loan. Use this calculator to find your approximate Debt to Income Ratio and understand your qualification for borrowing.

A must have tool for mortgage seekers.

Balloon Payment Loan Calculator

Balloon Payments are useful when you commit to repay a significant portion of principal back at a future date. Go for them when you expect to receive large money somehow; may be a tax refund, an inherited property or something like that.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator

ARM Loans are great when interest rates are falling. Take their advantage to reduce your monthly payments and get qualified for higher loan amounts.

Calculations are tricky, but this versatile calculator will make your life easy.
Mortgage Early Pay off Calculator

Mortgage Early Pay off Calculator

Got some surplus money? May be a good idea to increase monthly payments to reduce the loan term and make serious savings.

Interested? But first do your maths and know how much you need to add to the monthly payments to early payoff your mortgage.

Existing Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Got some surplus money? This calculator will calculate how early you can payoff your moan, you commit to pay some additional monthly payment for serving your loan.

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Lots of approximations and assumptions have been made while developing the calculators.

Please make your own calculations before making any financial decision.