CIBIL Defaulter List – Remove Your Name from List of Defaulters

cibil defaulters listCIBIL score is a measure of your credit worthiness which is calculated by an independent agency based upon your loan and credit history. In an earlier post we have written about the parameter on which a CIBIL score is generally based.

We have observed that many people search on Internet to know how they can remove the names from CIBIL defaulter list. Please keep in mind that CIBIL does not maintain any such CIBIL defaulter list. CIBIL only provides a CIBIL score which is calculated on the information provided by the creditors, banks and other lender through a monthly database sent to CIBIL. The CIBIL score only provides a snapshot of the borrower’s trustworthiness at a given point of time. Your CIBIL score dynamically changes with time depending upon your loan history.

How to remove your name from CIBIL defaulter list

As already mentioned, there is no such thing as CIBIL defaulter list. So there is no question of the removal of your name from a CIBIL defaulter list. The best you can do is to improve your credit history by payment of your dues regularly at the right time and fully settle your loans and credits at the right time. Following this practice may be useful in the improvement of your CIBIL credit score.

How to improve your CIBIL credit score

It should be remembered that your credit history, rather than your current income, is the single most important parameter in determining a good credit history and improving your CIBIL score. There are seven Golden rules which can help you improve your credit score as given below.

  1. Pay your bills on time: late payments are seen negatively by land at and affect your credit is good badly.
  2. Keep your outstanding low: control the utilisation of your credit limits and ensure to make timely payments of your dues. This will ensure you keep your outstanding low and give you a good credit is for.
  3. Maintain a healthy mix of credit: your loans and credits should have a healthy mix of home loans, auto loans, credit cards et cetera. Bias towards any single type show your exposure towards one single sector and seen negatively by lenders.
  4. Avoid reckless application for new loans: every new application for a new loan is scrutinised by the lender with caution. The credit-hungary behaviour indicates your vulnerability towards coming debt burden.
  5. Do not let recklessly close credit card accounts: unused credit cards in your account imply that you are financially secure and do not actually need to utilise your credit limit. This is an indication that your application may be reviewed favourably.
  6. Monitor your joint accounts carefully: remember that you are also responsible for the activity is done through your joint accounts sometimes it has been seen that people are unaware about the activities done through the joint accounts by the other partner. But you are also liable and responsible for these activities.
  7. Review your credit history frequently: sometimes you may be surprised to see an unpleasant entry is in your credit history. Please ensure to review your credit history at least once in a year.
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