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cibil credit score reportCredit Information Bureau India Ltd, acronymed as CIBIL, is an organisation which was found in August 2000. They act as a credit rating agency for loan applicants in India. For this purpose they provide CIBIL score, just like FICO score in United States to help lenders in assessing the trustworthiness of the loan seeker.

For this purpose CIBIL collects and maintains details of the individual’s history related to loans and credit cards through banks and other creditors on a monthly basis. This information is processed through specialized algorithms to arrive at Credit Information Reports, which help lenders to assess the loan worthiness of the applicant.

Parameters on which CIBIL score is based

All the parameter on which your CIBIL credit score is based, are not a publicly announced by CIBIL. But it is widely believed that for getting a good CIBIL score you should have a good rating on the following parameters.

  1. How many instances of late payment/missed payments you have in the past
  2. Do you possess and maintain a large number of credit cards and loans
  3. Are you in a habit of utilizing your credit limits fully
  4. The proportion of unsecured debt to secured ones in your profile
  5. For how many borrowers you have acted as a current and for how much amount
  6. Do you frequently inquire about your CIBIL score
  7. The duration of your and un-tainted credit history
  8. How often you are able to settle your loan timely

CIBIL defaulter list

I have noticed that many people search the Internet to check whether their names appears in the CIBIL defaulter list. It should be noted that there is no such thing as CIBIL defaulters list. CIBIL only calculates the credit rating of the applicants based upon the past borrowing habits and instances.

Requesting CIBIL to remove your name from the CIBIL defaulter list is not going to do anything. Instead of wasting your time in requesting CIBIL to remove your name from CIBIL defaulter list you should concentrate upon improving your credit profile and paying your loans and credits on due date in due time and learn to live within your means.

  1. Hi,

    I have closed my personal loan account in Fullerton india I have applied for Personal Loan in Provate bank this week and my application got rejected since my CIBIL scoring is very low. I dont have any other loan defaults and i am not using any credit cards.
    THe below mail i have received from Fullerton:

    With reference to the request, we wish to inform you that your loan account for two wheeler loan is closed in the month of November and its status will be updated in CIBIL records by the end of November, 2012. Regarding CIBIL updation for personal loan, we wish to apprise you that as there was a waiver given to you on the principle amount while loan closure, hence we wish to inform you that your CIBIL status has been updated as “Post write off settled” as per their guidelines.

    Could you please let me know whther my score will be increased or remains the same if my status is “Post write off settled”.

    Please reply to my mail Kindly let me know if any additional details required.


  2. Hi Pushparaj,
    This is shakthi from debt doctor and i saw your complaints and i do understand your concerned regarding your written off status and to be frank if the status remains in your cibil report you will be not eligible to get any loans and also if your score is low you will faced a problem but not to worry we can help you to improve the scores as well and also we can guide to get the loan and you can contact me on :08030732246.

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