HDFC EMI Calculator

HDFC EMI Calculator

hdfc-emi-calculatorHDFC bank is one of the largest private sector bank in India and is trusted by millions of retail and corporate borrowers for financing their money requirements. HDFC bank offers a wide array of loan and mortgage products to suit every individual need. Great customer care supported by very robust IT infrastructure for providing customer services is the hallmark of HDFC service delivery platform.

Online Calculator For HDFC Loans

Despite having a very informative and detailed website, HDFC doesn’t host a decent EMI calculator on their website. If you search Google for the keyword HDFC EMI calculator, then you will find to HDFC EMI calculator is hosted on HDFC website, but none of them might serve your purpose of getting full details of HDFC loans.

For instance, one of EMI calculator on that website is just a flash code, which allows you to calculate the EMI based on the values entered by you in the three input fields namely – loan amount, ROI (which is same as interest rate and the default value in this calculator is taken as 12.25%) and the number of years for which the loan is taken. If you want to get more details like the interest component or the loan repayment component of the EMI, then this calculator is of no use.

Alternative HDFC EMI Calculator

There are many websites which allow you to calculate many other details like the interest component, the loan repayment component, the outstanding loan balance, the total interest paid et cetera. All these details help you to better understand your loan conditions and the inability you to plan your finances well.

Here we present you one such calculator, which can easily serve your purpose as HDFC EMI calculator. This calculator will allow you to calculate your EMI, the number of payments you are required to make, the total interest paid by you, the interest component each installment of the EMI, the loan repayment component in each installment of the EMI, the cumulative interest paid by you till a particular EMI and many other such thing, which offer vital information about your loan conditions.

Download HDFC EMI Calculator

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The online loan calculator for HDFC loans, also allows you to calculate your EMI in case of you are in a position to make extra payments in addition to your scheduled EMI payments. These extra payments can either be in the form of lump sum payment as and when you are having surplus cash or they came also be in the form of regular monthly payments along with your scheduled EMI. Using this calculator you can actually see that how the actual number of payments required to be made by you gets substantially reduced as compared to the scheduled number of payments. Knowing about how these extra payments reduce your overall interest burden, will help you a great deal to understand the loan product and plan your finances.

The online HDFC EMI calculator also presents the information in nice pictorial and graphical manner to show you how outstanding loan balance gets reduced with each successive EMI payment and how the cumulative interest increases successively with each EMI payment.

HDFC EMI Calculator Download Excel Template

In case you are interested to download the Excel template used to make this online calculator, you are encouraged to download the basic Excel template absolutely free. Just click on the download link given above and the basic template file will be downloaded on your computer.

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