How to Get Home Repair Grants – Assistance

If you are a home owner and in need of money to repair or improve your home, then in most of the cases you are required to make your own arrangement of funds. In case you are not in a position to arrange, you can avail home improvement loans.


But in case you are in low income group and residing in a rural area, then you may qualify to get home repair grants, which are provided by the Federal Government to the priority sectors. The money provided under the home repair grant cannot exceed a definite amount and is provided for certain given tasks, which will ensure its safety and truly improve its structure. The technical nomenclature for the housing repair and improvement assistance is Rural Housing Repair and Rehabilitation Grants or Loans. These are usually funded by the Rural Development Office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Qualification for getting a Home Repair Grant

Not all persons are qualified to get a home repair grant. Following are the broad guidelines.

  1. The applicant must be a permanent legal resident of the United States and have a fair credit history.
  2. The applicant must also prove that his household income is at or below the poverty level for his county or region.
  3. Some grants are specifically targeted for the elderly or as government grants for first time home buyers-and each one has different application processes.
  4. Elderly persons and those with disabilities are given preference in getting the home repair grant from the government.

For checking your eligibility to get a home repair grant or not, you are advised to check it out the USDA website itself. Click here to check the eligibility yourself.

Purpose of Home Repair Grant

Since home repair grants are given for priority sectors, they cannot be used for every home improvement need. For instance, you cannot get a federal grant for the purposes like remodeling your kitchen, adding a wardrobe or closet and expanding your living space since these are considered to be cosmetic improvements are not related with the safety of the home.

Federal home grants are sanctioned for the purposes like adding insulation, repairing or replacing windows and doors, or doing other types of work to make the home more energy efficient. Home repair grants will typically not cover painting, home additions, or landscaping. Yet another important aspect is that these grants will not be given for homes that will still remain un-inhabitable even after the improvements done through these grants.

Apart from the federal home repair grants, states also offer these grants. While the general guidelines are similar in nature to the federal grants, yet states offer them to make home more energy efficient, more attractive, or preserving original structures.

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