Student Loan Calculator

Student Loan Calculator

Student Loans, also called as Education Loans, are the subsidized grants from the lenders to the students to enable them to carry out their studies and pay the loan amounts once they get their jobs on completion of the studies.

There are many types of student loans available. For simplicity, here we are presenting you a basic type of student loan calculator, which allows you to calculate the monthly payments, total payments and total interests based upon the terms and conditions of the loan offer.

This education loan calculator allows you to consider the periods like Grace Period and the Deferment periods, which are  as explained below.

  • Term (Years): Number of years that require constant principal and interest payments
  • Deferment Period (Months): Number of months where interest accrues but no payments are made (ex: 48 months would mean deferred payments for 4 years of school)
  • Grace Period (Months): Number of Months after graduation before monthly P/I payments begin


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Lots of approximations and assumptions have been made while developing the calculators.

Please make your own calculations before making any financial decision.