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Home Poker Game Setup – Equipment, Blind Structure & Mood

Setup The Equipment Install a Poker Table Top & Felt. Any poker game requires a decent flat table while its size determines how many players... Have Enough Poker Chips. Cardrooms and official poker tournaments use poker chips in all of their games for several... Prepare The Buttons. Buttons are ...

How to Host the Perfect Poker Home Game: The Proper Set-Up

Step 1. Add all the standard details. Give your tournament a name. Select how many players will be playing and enter the... Step 2. Choose the starting stack. A good starting stack usually has players starting with 100 big blinds. If your first... Step 3. Select how long you want the tournament to ...

How to Set Up Home Poker Games | Playing at Home Guide

What Will You Need? A Poker Table/Gaming Surface. A gaming surface does not necessarily have to be an actual poker table, but if you can get... Playing Cards. This will be among the first things you will need to get since you cannot play poker without them. A... Poker Chips. A lot of things can ...

Ultimate Home Poker Game Setup - Guide to Playing At Home

Hosting the perfect Poker game at home Texas Hold'em. The type played throughout the Poker World Series, Hold'em Poker sees players dealt 2 hole cards each. omaha. In this variation, players receive 4 hole cards and have to make a hand with two hole cards and three community... Seven-Card Stud. ...

The Perfect Home Poker Game Setup - Hosting Poker Game at Home

Last, but not least, remember to get a poker clock. Even though the simplest smartphone can allow you to set up a clock, having a real one makes everything look more professional. There are some other non-essential items like the dealer button or the all-in triangle, recently introduced in some of the main international live events.

Five Steps to the Perfect Online Poker Setup - USPokerSites

Start building your online poker setup by choosing the correct chair. It makes sense when you think about it logically. Regardless of you preferring tournament poker or cash games, you will be seated for a significant period of time. Poor quality chairs can affect blood flow around your body.